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I quit my Job, a personal post | Jules Ko Photography

I’ve held a camera for a long time.  When I took my first photography class in high school, I couldn’t believe the fun I was having despite the broken light meter.  But when the time came for college, photography didn’t occur to me as a career, but more of a side thing.  So in the midst of my intense industrial design (engineering+art curriculum) courses, I took as much photography as time allowed, and it felt too “fun” to be “legitimate”.

For nearly 10 years, I pursued hard to be the best Industrial Designer I can be.  And the hard work paid off.

After Dan and I got married, we started photographing weddings together.  Further training peaked my interest, and I branched out to other aspects of photography.  And then a time came when my passion for photography exceeded my passion for my industrial design career, and the amount of time I had after a full time job wasn’t enough to do justice to the photography demand.  It wasn’t an easy decision though, this decision meant I was operating a business, and not a steady pay check with benefits and W-2 forms.  It meant I was entering a new career after investing 10+ years of my life into a demanding, cut throat career.   It sounded crazy in my head.  I had to pray through it for a long time, get respected outsiders’ assessment on my work, and most of all discuss with Dan to make sure we were wholeheartedly on the same page.

At the end of April, 2010, I resigned from my full time design job to be a full time photographer.  Though on occasion, people painstakingly ask, ‘so you aren’t working anymore?’ photography is a lot of work beyond being behind the camera, just ask my sleep deprived body.

I’m sharing this with you, to express that I am very serious and passionate about this, and with this new chapter, I’ll be bringing even faster replies to my clients, more attention to details, and best of my best to be the boutique photographer I trained to be.  But also hope that my replies aren’t going out at 3 in the morning, and I’m all zombie the next day~

Thank you to the friends and clients who have entrusted your precious moments in my hands.  It has been a joy to capture your key moments, and I look forward to many more with you!


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Steph - Best of luck Jules!! I think I’ll be following suit soon.

Jill - Hooray for a new chapter! Love your pics!

Wynn - Hi Jules,
I stumbled upon your page and am fascinated with your work. After reading this personal post of yours I felt very inspired to follow my dream. May I ask- what kind of training did you take to become a photographer? Is it just through practice or are there professional courses out there that I could take? I just graduated from college and working in sales now. I realized that this is not the career that I want for myself and have been interested in photography for awhile, but like you- I thought it could never be a career. I would very much appreciate your advice and input on how I can begin my training…


Nikki & Tom’s Engagement | Jules Ko Boston Wedding Photographer

It always feels like an extra treat when I have something in common with the bride and groom.  Nikki and Tom met the way Dan and I did, with changing times, scientifically~  🙂

Though now they live in DC, they are getting married in less than a month at one of the most beautiful Boston landmarks.  I was grateful when the Bostonian weather held up so nicely for the one weekend they were flying to Boston together to take care of wedding business.  We traveled back to the scene of the crime where Nikki and Tom’s dating story unfolded, interlaced with the different alleys of the North End.

Thank you for being such gracious models, I look forward to seeing you both very soon to capture your big day!

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, I just love how they almost never stopped smiling during the entire session!  I think even Tom’s Puma’s are smiling~


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Congratulations Mary & Richard | Jules Ko Boston Wedding Photographer

Weddings come in all sizes and shapes, traditions, styles and expressions.  On this rare occasion, I had the pleasure of being invited into a private ceremony where the only people in the room other then the Bride and Groom was the Justice of Peace, and myself.  My self being on the quieter side, I appreciated their decision process to hold a private ceremony.  I remember how one of the most difficult part of the wedding planning was the guest list, rsvp count, and guest seating chart.

In all honesty, I was excited on many aspects.

1.  Mary and Richard approached me very directly, and shared about who they were, and why they picked me as their wedding photographer: and I liked all of the above.  I don’t recall needing to ‘sell’ my services to them, they picked me all on their own before we ever met!

2.  I wouldn’t be dealing with other guests’ camera flashes getting in way, or a demanding wedding day schedule.

3.  This was a unique wedding, different from most wedding styles I have covered.

4.  It was at the beautiful Fairmont Copley, in Boston.

5.  Mary and Richard wanted the photography to help their friends and family to feel like they were there.  So I knew the photo were meant to be shared.

6.  It was my first day of being a full time photographer!  (more on that later 😉

Allow me to introduce Mary and Richard!

I’d share the story of how they met and so forth, but I’m going to respect their privacy~  =)

This is sweet Catie Copley.  She lives at the Hotel and can be walked by guests.


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Kar-mun & Steve’e Engagement | Jules Ko Photography | Boston Wedding Photographer

I invite couples to bring props to their engagement sessions.  Steve and Kar-mun brought the biggest one so far, a cello.

During the wedding consultation, I had already heard that they were classical musicians on the side of their demanding careers, but when they mentioned that they will be performing during the wedding reception, I knew they weren’t just hobbyists.  (Dan and I sang cheesy-may be, but true- “From this Moment on” at our wedding reception, and we weren’t about to embarrass our selves)

Now,  a lot of people around here have orchestra in their history, but Steve is the executive director of a chamber orchestra: Camerata Notturna… ! impressive… Kar-mun plays concert piano, but she also could pull off a classical piece on the cello, too!  Impressive, again.

We returned to the scene of the crime, where they first met in a chamber music class at Harvard, and dodged a rain storm.  Thankfully, during finals season, the campus was calm, and no one seemed to mind a little cello prelude in front of the library.

Congratulations Kar-mun and Steve, looking forward to capturing your wedding day tomorrow!

Inspirational engraving over the gate

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