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“greatest of journeys can begin with the smallest of feet.” March of Dimes | Jules Ko Photography

Did you know, 1 in 8 babies in America are born with complications/premature/lead to bad news…

As someone who hopes to be a mother in the near future, the above statistics made me a little scared and alert at the same time…

Great cause, saving babies, adorable families, friendly staff, Boston Shell Hatch, Boston Red Sox-Wally, what could go wrong?

Down pour, lightening, and cold… were just some of the harsh circumstances.

Last week, I got to photograph March of Dimes: March of Babies, the Boston Event.  I left the house 2 hours before the time I planned to show up at the event, and it was a beautiful morning.  2 Hours later, the rain drops started falling, and at below is what we had.  Of course, I wasn’t prepared for so much rain when it came to my attire (soaked knee down, nothing waterproof, or even an umbrella).  Despite the the harsh weather conditions, thousands still came out to the event, and eventually the weather held back enough that people weren’t afraid to walk their 3 mile commitments in.

Brace yourselves for the amount of cute kids below though…  =)

The ambassador family’s little miracle baby, Bela

cutest FedEx truck!

Mrs. Kevin Youklis

I loved capturing so many of the smiles and moments, but this one… she was having a great time dancing by her self in a rain puddle… it really makes me want to be a kid… and or own rain boots to be fearless like that!

To see the complete gallery please visit the gallery here



Thank you March of Dimes for helping so many families!

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Baby E’s 1st Month Portrait| Jules Ko Boston Baby Photographer

Blue eyes, sweet smiles in his sleep, beautiful hands… all wrapped up in a bundle…

While grandma and auntie were visiting from Turkey, I got to capture baby E’s beautiful expressions, and even a few tears, celebrating his first month!

In the comforts of a beautiful home, a newborn baby and family can be photographed without interrupting the baby’s feeding schedule, or removing them from the comforts of their home.  Baby’s E’s parents, Canan and Gabriel were such gracious hosts, it was a treat to capture a family who really appreciated photography.

mommy and grandma, such beautiful genes baby E has!

Look at those eyes, and that smile…

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Katherine and Will’s engagement session | Jules Ko Boston Wedding Photographer

A part of me has some healthy envy to those who meet their life partners during their college days.  It must be great to get to know someone of interest while you are among friends, and have late night junk food parties, and support each other through final schedules.  No awkward first date questions asking what the other party does for a living, and imagining in your head if that would make a good husband or wife’s career path.  But I’d imagine another great perk will be having shared group of friends who witness your dating journey, and are there to celebrate the big moments with you!

Katherine and Will met while attending BU as undergrads, and several years and degrees later, Will pulled off a grand proposal scheme and sent Katherine to tears – the good kind.  So when it came to picking a site to capture their engagement session, BU (Boston University) was the obvious “Boston” choice.

No matter how shy or outgoing a couple is, we have the privilege to witness and capture what they are like together in private: whether they are quietly gazing at each other or being playful and laughing out loud.  With Katherine’s involvement in theater and talents towards crafts (she made the bouquet where the ring is photographed), I had no doubt she’d have a great time during the engagement session.  But when Katherine is having a great time, there’s a man who smiles right besides her.  Thank you Will for making Katherine smile so brightly, and for going along with all the fun things we tried at this session!

We are so excited to capture your wedding in just FIVE days!!!

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Katherine Tung - Will and I are in Jules Ko’s blog! Check it out here. Jules, Will and I love the post! See you soon!

A Valentines Day Gift | Jules Ko Photography

Steffen can make a lot of guys look, um… less romantic? less stylish?

This is a very belated post, but I didn’t want it to go unshared…

Last Valentines day weekend, with the help from John LaRoche from Blue Guava, and John Brotz, (a new, but my favorite event planner),  Steffen arranged a beautiful intimate dinner gift to his wife Nancy.

They have a fabulous, ultra sleek loft, but you’d hardly notice that when you have a dinner table set for their 7 closest friends, amazing table settings with every detail designed and arranged by John Brotz, and rose and orchid flower arrangements made by Blue Guava.

Who cooked the five course meals?  Who else but a personal chef in their own kitchen!

Enjoy the twinkles!

John Brotz attending to every detail. *

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Ina - Stunning!! What a great gift!!

Nancy - wow – amazing photos Jules! thank you for sharing! it’s almost as much fun to see the photos again as it was to walk into the room and see the creative atmosphere!

Shoe Obsession? Absolutely Not | Boston Wedding Photography

I can confidently say that I do not have a shoe obsession or anything remotely close to a fetish.

Though I fully noted Sex-in-the-city-Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Blahnik obsession and wondered how fictional that might be, as a wedding photographer, the designer names, and iconic signature traits started to catch my eye.

I appreciate design, style, and quality craftsmanship… regardless of any object (note appreciation has nothing to do with brand loyalty or the price tag… sigh… Apple products…).

When the time came for me to pick my own wedding shoes, I had to consider several things…

1. of the ivory and sage color scheme, I wanted a pair of blue shoes to “pop” under the long gown. Along the lines of something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue (which actually comes from a Jewish tradition…), my college nick name from my professor was Blue… thanks to my blue hair streak.

2. wedding was outside, so I couldn’t let a pair of pointy heels sink into the grass as I stood there for a 45min ceremony.

3. Dan and I are the same height.  I didn’t want to tower over him in my wedding pictures.

4. Oh, did I mention that I have slightly wide feet and ‘beautiful’ shoes don’t come in wide sizes???  (help shoe designers!)

So I went back and forth, and after many online searches and shoe returns later, settled down on a pair of blue low platform shoes from Boutique 9 , and decided to switch shoes for the dancing portion. Picking the shoe was harder than finding the wedding gown.

photo by GH Kim Photography

For the male audience, I do want to inform, among other things, women have 2 kinds of dress-up categories… dress up for the office/work, and dress up for evening parties and weddings where the femininity is celebrated full force at the risk of being very cold and uncomfortable.  I’m not really stocked for that latter in the shoe category, since I don’t actually like wearing heels.

But If I did have a shoe obsession, this would be it… I had so much fun appreciating these shoes!

Thank you for the beautiful designs, Christian Louboutin

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