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Baby A’s first birthday celebration | Jules Ko Photography Boston Baby Event Photographer

Baby A turned 1 last month!  And we got to celebrate all 3 of his heritage, Korean, Chinese, and American!  His parents prepared a feast of mixed ethnic cuisines, and a wall of photos chronicling his journey till now month my month.  On top of it all, Baby A was surrounded by friends, and aunt and uncles, and grandparents.  Such a sweet baby on the brink of becoming a toddler!  He showed us a few promising steps at the party!  And as other Korean Dohl celebration elements, Baby A picked a marathon medal, a wooden spoon, and then… his mommy~  =)  Thank you Christina and Wayne for the lovely celebration and and welcoming me to document your special day!

The Korean Hanboks just get more beautiful each time I see a different version!  But don’t forget the details, check out his socks!

The happy family

A very careful eater

Lots of love

A glimpse of Baby A’s nursery

His new cool ride


Matching Daddy’s outfit this time

Congratulations  Christina and Wayne!

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Martin and Yon Family Portrait | Jules Ko Boston Portrait Photography

I met Martin 13 years ago when he was my campus ministry leader, and I was a freshmen in college.

Within that time, Martin got married to Yon, and had two beautiful-energetic daughters.  All the while mentoring me from time to time, giving me sound advise, and letting me vent through family dilemmas, career crisis, and death of a mom and lastly,  approval over my husband Dan while we were dating.  Martin, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but over 10 years ago, my mom said she trusted your character and your judgment.  If I met a guy like you, she’d approve of the marriage!  =) and here we are (hi Dan!).

Several years ago, for different reasons, Martin’s family and I both left the Seattle area, and Martin settled into Long Island, and I into Boston.  So when they were coming to visit Boston over spring break, and wanted to meet up for a portrait session at the Public garden, I was in for a treat!

If I could name this shot, it is such quintessential Boston!

Just as the tree blossoms were coming out, the girls had so much fun running around and breaking out in hysteric laughter!

aren’t those magnolias glorious?  girls are such girls… can’t imagine similar age boys having a ball with flowers in their hands!

It was almost like a roulette table!  I don’t remember giving them  much instructions for this one!

one of my favorites of the day~  To capture an instance of the quiet joy in an energetic little girl!…

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“greatest of journeys can begin with the smallest of feet.” March of Dimes | Jules Ko Photography

Did you know, 1 in 8 babies in America are born with complications/premature/lead to bad news…

As someone who hopes to be a mother in the near future, the above statistics made me a little scared and alert at the same time…

Great cause, saving babies, adorable families, friendly staff, Boston Shell Hatch, Boston Red Sox-Wally, what could go wrong?

Down pour, lightening, and cold… were just some of the harsh circumstances.

Last week, I got to photograph March of Dimes: March of Babies, the Boston Event.  I left the house 2 hours before the time I planned to show up at the event, and it was a beautiful morning.  2 Hours later, the rain drops started falling, and at below is what we had.  Of course, I wasn’t prepared for so much rain when it came to my attire (soaked knee down, nothing waterproof, or even an umbrella).  Despite the the harsh weather conditions, thousands still came out to the event, and eventually the weather held back enough that people weren’t afraid to walk their 3 mile commitments in.

Brace yourselves for the amount of cute kids below though…  =)

The ambassador family’s little miracle baby, Bela

cutest FedEx truck!

Mrs. Kevin Youklis

I loved capturing so many of the smiles and moments, but this one… she was having a great time dancing by her self in a rain puddle… it really makes me want to be a kid… and or own rain boots to be fearless like that!

To see the complete gallery please visit the gallery here



Thank you March of Dimes for helping so many families!

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Baby E’s 1st Month Portrait| Jules Ko Boston Baby Photographer

Blue eyes, sweet smiles in his sleep, beautiful hands… all wrapped up in a bundle…

While grandma and auntie were visiting from Turkey, I got to capture baby E’s beautiful expressions, and even a few tears, celebrating his first month!

In the comforts of a beautiful home, a newborn baby and family can be photographed without interrupting the baby’s feeding schedule, or removing them from the comforts of their home.  Baby’s E’s parents, Canan and Gabriel were such gracious hosts, it was a treat to capture a family who really appreciated photography.

mommy and grandma, such beautiful genes baby E has!

Look at those eyes, and that smile…

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