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a lunch stroll: Boston Photography

Something to start off a week and the month of March with, a large drink of Architectural milk!  (Hood is the mainstream milk brand in the MASS area).  Following a cold weekend, I do believe there are promising signs of spring!  It was 46 degrees today when I went on a walk around the new neighborhood.

Baby D’s 1st birthday: Boston Portrait Photographer

I am not playing favorites when I posted one nephews images over another.  We really had 2 nephews from each of our brothers, due on the same date in opposite parts of the country.  Baby D was born a week later from Baby I, and he also is an amazingly cute, and sweet baby boy.  The essence of the two parties were the same, but at Baby D’s celebration, there were a lot of grandparents!  For some reason though, Baby D kept putting his finger in my mouth, so I would pretend to chomp on it, and on the flight home from the bay area, we realized, I was catching the cold he had.  Darn it, my body couldn’t fight off a baby’s version of a cold! With or without the movie “Up”, this shot is a huge favorite

Special guest came to visit!

Too pretty to eat, arent’ they?  Steamed rice cakes called dduck

Shang - This is so adorable! At first I was a little confused because I thought you posted more from the other nephew, they look alike!

sooj - love love love the balloon shot!!! you’re awesome jules… if/when i have a baby, i’m gonna hire you to stand by w/ a camera 24/7! haha. that’ll be expensive but w/ shots like that balloon one… it’ll be SO worth it.

jules - Sooj, for a second there, I thought you were going to offer me a studio space in your future home! =) You are the best!

jules - Shang, don’t let the uncle Dan and auntie Jules hear that, it’s an ongoing discussion who’s more cuter!!! I know, what superficial thing to say… Baby D actually has a lot of the Myung family resemblances, except for Dan’s curly hair! and baby I has my Ko brother’s features but unmistakably dutch genes… =) They are both really sweet mannered little guys though… we miss them!

Happy Valentines Day! | Boston Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Did you know, St. Valentine was a Roman Christian priest?   He  was martyred for marrying couples while the Emperor outlawed marriage for a period of time so that the soldiers would stay in the battlefield longer.  If there was no marriage, there wouldn’t be families the soldiers wanted to come home to as frequently.  What a morbid thought… History is wackier than fiction sometimes.  I appreciate this day more thinking back to the roots of a person who fought for love and marriage.

I love flowers and chocolates and romance, so yay for a day that celebrate love, but Valentines day could never compete with my expectations most of my life!  Dan and I have a very bumpy Valentines day story to start our journey together 3 years ago!  On this day, I remember it fondly…

Just 3 days ago, I woke up from a dream where I was upset at Dan for not attending an important seminar with me.  In my dream, Dan apologized, but I was still upset when I woke up.  So in the morning, I told him what happened, followed by a few:  “How could you not tell me!!!!!”  My sweet husband shrugged apologetically and even said sorry for what his alter ego did in my dream.  Sigh, this is what love is!
Happy Valentines day to ones who believe in romantic love, friendship love, family love, and agape love.  Sukhee, I’m so sorry I didn’t get you a Valentine this year!!!  I’m a sloppy friend!

Brownie cutouts Dan so cleverly arranged with my left over brownie edges!

Sukhee - haha….it’s ok! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too and Happy New Year as well!

Baby I’s Dohl: Boston Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

This adorable guy I’m about to introduce is my very own nephew.  If there aren’t perks as an aunt (gomo in Korean) to take photos of my own nephew, I don’t want to be an aunt! ;)

He turned 1 last year, and we traveled to witness the momentous celebration in Michigan.  Koreans have a traditional celebration where abundant piles of fruits and rice cakes are piled on a table along with a playful game, where a baby gets to grab an object that playfully represents a future calling/fortune.  Sometimes guests gets to take a stab into a poll.

We’ve heard over and over that this celebration is upheld more tightly by Korean Americans than Koreans in Korea.  In Korea they are more elaborate like western weddings.

Rice bowl means well fed

Pencils mean scholar

Money mean wealth

String means longevity, and few other variable things.

Among other things, He grabbed the pencils.  Being son of 2 scholars, this made the parents extremely happy!  But see below to see what happened next!

Isn’t he amazingly adorable??

Candy towers I spent hours hot gluing…

two new teeth coming in!

Here he grabbed the bundle of pencils, the crowd cheered really loudly, and the loud noise set him crying….

Details of a beautiful hanbok

He went at his birthday cake!

Vest off and playing with new gifts!

Shang - Too cute! Too bad I don’t have any siblings, I’d love to have a nephew to spoil of my own… though I don’t think I’d have the patience to hotglue those towers you did!

Baby R is a Little Lady: Boston Portrait Photographer

Just got back from a wet and sunny trip to LA, it was indeed weird to see people in shorts and have brunch on a patio in February!  More on that later~

Back to a session from a while ago to chase away the current chill in the air! I wanted to share a darling baby girl who’s on the verge of becoming a little lady.  Her mommy is an interior designer, and her daddy is a graphic designer.  Their home was beautifully set up worthy of having those two professionals as parents.  Baby R was a little lady and we had lots of fun during the session.  She even came up to me and pressed the shutter at one point!  What a quick study!

her lovely nursery…

If I had that outfit, I’d do a double take too!

Snuggle with mommy

darling sandals…

justine - Jules, thanks for this. It was very cute :-)

Denise Schmidt - Absolutely wonderful. The preamble running up to the actual photographs is wonderful.

Baby R is certainly a little Miss in a million !

From her Granny in South Africa