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Giveaway Winners!

My friends and readers,

Each of you lead precious, special lives!

Thank you so much for sharing the unique answers to the question posed on the favorite place blog.

I’m so excited to learn of each person’s favorite place, and I’m either eager to book a flight to a special place, or want to appreciate more of what’s around me due to what you have shared!

I’m excited to announce the 3 winners, selected at Random, by www.Random.org

Kurt said:

“I went to disney world when i was very little. i don’t remember much, but a bird pooped on my head as we made our way into the park for the first time. what a welcome! 🙂 my favorite place on earth is the receiving end of my son’s hug.”  (how can you not melt?)

Ina said:

“Maybe this is really nerdy of me, but my favorite place is the Washington, DC Tidal Basin. It’s gorgeous with all the cherry blossoms in the spring, and it’s still beautiful all year long, day or night, with the monuments and memorials!”

Courtney said:


Congratulations Kurt, Ina, and Courtney!!!

This picture taken from another ‘favorite place of mine’ Butchard Gardens in BC, Canada.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve been there now… 7? 8?

Affirming, Courtney’s favorite place, and

Ina’s favorite place.

I can’t replicate Kurt’s quite yet…  =)


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Ina - ahhhhh!!! no wayyy! 😀 😀 thanks, jules! i’m so excited for this!!!

Kara & Nick Family Portraits | Jules Ko Boston Portrait Photographer

To blogs ago, I mentioned Kara photographing Dan and I for our 2nd anniversary portrait session.  It was actually a scheme we up with to exchange our services.  Kara and her husband Nick have a beautiful little baby, and what happens when one of the parents is the photographer?  No family portraits aside from snap shot taken by the teenager working at the aquarium (Kara’s words).  But the upside is, the baby M is no stranger to the camera~

I didn’t realize what I was getting into.  Baby M is soooooo cute and precious!  She had these enormous eyes,  cute as a button, with mom and dad tossing multiple languages at her, but having a big strawberry on your outfit never hurt a baby girl~  =)

Cuddling with one of her favorites toys~

The gorgeous family~ Her curiosity peaks at the bubbles, bubbles are magical…

Thank you for the fun session, Kara, Nick & Baby M!  Happy 1st birthday!


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Where is your favorite place? Enter to win a prize| Jules Ko Photography

Few months ago, we tossed around the idea of traveling to one of Dan’s favorite places in Switzerland.  We put that in the back burner to be more budget conscience.  Then he asked if I’d like to go to Orlando-Disney World instead for my birthday.

Ahem… I have a thing for Disney (not just the princesses, going back to Tinker Bell- and a happy thought making you fly in Peter Pan, to all the princesses up to Belle), and can quote several of the movies from beginning to end, including the songs… yeah… I don’t bring this up too often.  But another thing I have a ‘thing’ for, are Killer Whales, native to my home, Seattle, where it’s commonly known as an Orca.  My best dreams have been the ones where I saw Killer whales in my dreams.  So when Dan asked, would I want to go to Orlando (Disney World+Epcot Center+Animal Kingdom+Sea World) I lit up big time and jumped up and down saying, ‘we are going to Disney world’ for months…  to which, Dan lovingly said, “I don’t need a daughter, I’ve got you.”  🙂

Aside from the crowds, I think Disney World, and Sea World are one my favorite man-made places!  It’s the promise of imagination, colors, and wonders, and beauty, and the cuteness all into one!  Yes, I don’t like seeing Orca’s in captivity, but I’ve spent many many dollars trying to see them in the wild on cruises, ferries, and kayaks, and could never get enough.  So, after seeing the Orca show at the edge of my seat nearly crying, we walked to where the viewing tank holding 6 Orcas was, and I just parked myself there with sheer glee for about 30 min, and kept photographing until we ran out of card space, and we were late to get to the airport.

So keep scrolling and read the question below:

You can see my reflection on the tank surface… yeah, I was happy there… Return to Disney World after nearly 20 years, I’m a wannabee-Imaginator.

So, I shared where my favorite (man-made) place was.

I’d love to hear, what/where is YOUR favorite place? (man-made or natural)

I’m giving away a mini outdoor portrait/headshot sessions in the Boston area (unless you’d like to cover my travel) with me for every 10 comments I receive below (up to 3 sessions).

(a $200 value – (a print and facebook image included))

(session can be transferred to a friend if you wish).

Would love to hear from non-Boston friends despite of/still!

You are welcome to spread the word to your other friends!


To qualify for the portrait session drawing,

1. Leave a comment with your answer below

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Winners will be announced in on June 25th!

Looking forward to hearing what your favorite places are!


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Tim H - Hi Jules,
I just read through your email and other items. Congrats for the courage to take this step…! It’s good to see you following your heart. I’ve enjoyed your work online and I’ll keep your name in front of me if I know of people getting married…which at this point in the season of life we’re in will probably be our kids…yikes! Interesting to see how you are developing your business through the internet…there are a number of parallels to ministry communication in today’s fast changing environment with an overabundance of information.

Take care,
Tim Higginbotham

lori - ooh it’s always so hard for me to pick one “favourite” something… i like too many things! i’m feeling a little homesick right now though, so i’m going to say my favourite place is the St. Jacobs Farmers Market outside of Waterloo, Ontario. i think it’s one of the biggest farmer’s markets around. it’s huge! there’s so much to love about it! i love all the colours of the fresh fruits & veggies & flowers & people. i love the fresh cider & maple syrup and all the delicious cheeses! and i always pack home a summer sausage or two every single time i visit – seriously, there is nothing in the world like st. jacobs summer sausage! and i love that it’s close to my family & friends, so whenever i’m there it means i’m home for a visit with the people i love. apparently now you can take the train there, which just sounds fantastic & i can’t wait to try it the next time i’m home! jules, you and dan definitely need to take a trip there. you would love it! 🙂

Phyllis Myung - Jules! I knew there was a reason why I loved you so much!!! I LOVE DISNEY!!! (I’ve already taken Noa to Disneyland & Disneyworld!)
It is hands down one of my favorite places on the earth…
I have to say, though, I love New York City – or the idea of it. It’s one of my favorite go-to places… I love the restaurants, Broadway, & the craziness that is the City.
I was looking through my pictures, though, and I was realizing that my favorite places are the places where there are people I love. I went to my very favorite place – Disneyworld – by myself for a couple hours & it wasn’t as fun or wonderful without the people I love. To answer your question, I would have to agree that Disney & New York City are my favorite man-made places, but any place that has my family & friends would easily turn in to a favorite place – like our home or a hot & humid school auditorium or even a sidewalk.

Angie - Jules, I have to get back to you on my favorite place BUT I didn’t know you went back to Disneyworld! I am so jealous. We recently came back from Disneyland. It truly IS the happiest place on earth! 🙂

Derek Wu - My favorite place in the world — driving the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Francisco. The ocean views are amazing!

Sang - Favorite Place…inside my car on a nice fall night with the windows down.

Yon Chang - I would LOVE to go back to Singapore one of these days. Martin and I stopped by there after our mission trip, before we officially started dating. Such beautiful, clean country w/ wonderful food…

kurt - j-ko! i went to disney world when i was very little. i don’t remember much, but a bird pooped on my head as we made our way into the park for the first time. what a welcome! 🙂 my favorite place on earth is the receiving end of my son’s hug.

Michelle S. - Jules, I think that your photography is so beautiful! 🙂

Hmmm. Favorite place… that’s really tough! For the moment– any of the shrimp trucks along the way to the North Shore in Hawaii 😀

Yvonne - Hands down the best place on earth is Las Vegas and I’m not a gambler by any means….although I do enjoy the penny slots! I went for the first time on my 21st birthday and have been back 4 times since and I’d go every year if I could. I still have yet to make it to all the way to the Wynn, which I am dying to see, but there is always next time 🙂 To me Vegas is a magical place where time seems to stand still and every time I go something is bigger and better. From the grandeur of each casino (I mean, there is a shark reef aquarium and beach at the Mandalay Bay and you can ride a gondola at the Venetian!) to the world class food and the amazing shows (Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian is spectacular) there is so much to do and see, that the gambling is just something fun to do while giving your feet a break from all the walking 🙂 While there are still many places I’d love to visit, I would still never pass up a trip to The City of Lights!

Jason - Jules, I’ve really enjoyed all of the pictures that you have shared on your blog and stories that go along with them. I don’t travel that much so it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I did have a chance to visit Greece. During that 2 week trip we spent most of our time in a tiny village outside of Kalamata where our Grandparents grew up. We were able to go in December and participate in the olive harvest. The showed us how to harvest the olives from the trees, deliver them to the factory, and we were able to see how they made the olive oil. This was one of the most enjoyable trips I’ve ever taken and an experience I’ll never forget. So my favorite place would be the olive groves in the village of EVA, Kalamata, Greece.

marisa chiang - Hi Jules. Your radiant joy, smiles and delights are infectious. I couldn’t help smiling as I read through your website. I’ll try to follow you through as many of those web venues as I can…but that’s a bit intense for me!

I do want to share my favorite place in the world…I believe its the 17 Mile Dr as you drive/bike up to stop 5 and 6 just as the sun is setting. The reflection of the sun off the ocean combined with the brisk air is magnificent and breathtaking. By the way, you need to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I don’t think they have orcas…but it’s gorgeous and so much fun!

Sonny Shin - Seattle is the BEST PLACE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Enough said.

joann - you and dan are just too cute!

although we live in the city of colleges, the campus of college of william and mary, my alma mater, is still by far the most beautiful campus i’ve been to. its one of my favorite places because of all the memories, friendships made and times of growing and learning.

Ina - How fun!! 😀 When I thought about your question, I realized that I haven’t really traveled all that much! Maybe this is really nerdy of me, but my favorite place is the Washington, DC Tidal Basin. It’s gorgeous with all the cherry blossoms in the spring, and it’s still beautiful all year long, day or night, with the monuments and memorials!

Emily - My favorite place is the town I lived in high school. Heidelberg, Germany. It’s really beautiful and the people are really friendly!

sooj - there are so many places in the world that is beautiful and worthy of the “fave place” title but for me, my fave place has to be someplace that i can visit any day i want, which would mean someplace near my house. i was reminded last night that my fave place/thing to do is play outdoor volleyball on killian court at MIT on a summer night. the summer air plus the sun setting behind the boston skyline plus playing my favorite sport w/ friends plus mowed lawn plus asian tour groups passing by that always make me giggle equals the best place in the world.

Katherine - My favorite place(s) are any city skyline. I could stare at a night time skyline for hours. It intrigues me that each tiny light in a window can represent a person. I enjoy making up stories in my mind about what each person is doing, thinking, experiencing. It’s amazing that there are so many people in this world that I don’t know, but that are all living a life so different (or maybe so similar) to my own.

Cindy - Jules, you took my answer! I LOVE Disney World. I’ve been there countless number of times. I wanted to go there for my honeymoon but everyone told me that I would be too pooped to enjoy it (so we went for our 1 year anniversary).

I really wish to visit Lausanne, Switzerland. I passed by it when I rode the Chocolate Train. Gorgeous city with bright blue Lake Geneva flanked by the crisp white mountaintops. Plus, the food there is supposed to be great!

susan - wow, “favorite” is a tall order.. but after my recent trip to Italy, I’d have to say FLORENCE! Paris and the Monterey Bay Aquarium are close seconds. 🙂 and I also love your Disney picture above – makes me smile 🙂

Jill - What a fun give away. You look SOO happy in that pic! 🙂 My favorite man-made place: Ankor Wat. Favorite natural place: perhaps Bryce National Park. 🙂

Romero - hmm, favorite place is probably somewhere in the mountains out west – Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for example. Both for its beauty and the rush from snowboarding there. Most beautiful place though would probably be off the eastern coast of Bali – on the water you see beach, followed by cliff/vegetation, with volcano in the background. just takes your breath away.

Alice - Hi Jules!
It’s wonderful to hear that you’re doing this full time now!

I think the best place in the world to visit is Seattle. Absolutely love all the cities around Seattle and the culture it brings!

Shelly Koo - hi jules 🙂 like everyone else is saying, i think your photography is beautiful – it’s not a matter of opinion. anyway, one of my fav places would have to be s.africa. it’s nicknamed the rainbow nation and also referred to as a world in one nation, and i can see why. they have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world in cape town, there’s city life right alongside very rural areas, you can go on a safari, eat delicious foods, see so many different and vibrant cultures, people, colors, languages – so much history… and right now it’s hosting the world cup!


My favorite place?



Dawa - I absolutely LOVE boston and that’s where I’ll be for next couple years or more! In hope of becoming a Bostonian, I need to prep myself to be a sports fan…both baseball and basketball..on top of tennis:) Besides my next hometown wanna-be, I love Seoul, especially my neighborhood, where I grew up. They re-designed all the parks and public areas and looks wonderful:) My visit home has definitely been worthwhile and I am looking forward to travel more in near future!!!!! My travel wanna-be place would be the ENTIRE EUROPE. Gosh. I am so ashamed of myself that I’ve never been to any of the numerous European countries…and calling myself a designer!! So, this will be my next destination:) Plus, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos (once again), they are awesome!

Happy Anniversary | Jules Ko Boston Photographer

Last week was our 2nd wedding anniversary!

I’m not being cheesy, it has been the best 2 years of my life, despite the good times and less good times~

On our first wedding anniversary, Dan was out of the country.  So for the second anniversary, he took the extra step to take some time out from his work day, and we went for a quiet get-away to a serene Rockport beach, and had a great quality time and a great seafood dinner.

But it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t take a few pictures…

It also wouldn’t be us, if we didn’t value capturing such occasions with a proper portrait session.  I’d highly recommend to all our married friends, that professional photography isn’t just for brides and children.  How many nice images do you have with your spouse?  I hope you’ll consider getting an anniversary or any portrait session with your loved one, because you can!

So in celebration of the occasion, we combed our hair, and put on our nice clothes on, and roamed the cobble stones of Beacon Hill in heels.  My friend Kara of Kara Delahunt Photography graciously captured us in a her uniquely photojournalistic way!  Thank you for the special treat, Kara!  Here’s a small glimpse!


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Jill - You guys look so classy. LOVE the pics!!

lori - jules you look gorgeous as ever! i can’t believe your wedding was 2 years ago already! a very happy belated anniversary to you & dan. 🙂

Phyllis Myung - i love it!!!

Angie - Jules, You make me want to take more professional pictures! I haven’t been married a year yet! I think I have a new obsession. 🙂

Susan - You two ARE so cute!! Congrats on your anniversry, Jules!

grace - AHHH i LOOOOVE the one of you in front of the ocean! And congrats again on your anniversary!

Shang - So stylish Jules! Love it, and congratulations!!

Ed - Linda and I always enjoying seeing the photos you post on your site. We’re glad that you guys got to be in front of the camera again – the photos for you anniversary look great!

Ina - Hi, Jules!! Gorgeous pictures! Cyrus and I hardly have ANY pictures of our first year of marriage. I think it’s so great to do a portrait session for any occasion! 😀

Diana and John’s Engagement Session | Jules Ko Boston Wedding Photographer

What do you get when you have a couple of mathematicians and several higher education degrees and an ice skater/rock climber together for an engagement session?  Awwe and shock in a good way.

I’ve been attending the same church with Diana and John for the past 2 years, but haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know them.  And we didn’t actually get to talk in depth until we met up for the engagement session.  With both of them attending MIT for their college years, and getting married in BU chapel later this month, MIT seemed like a great place to capture their engagement period.

But still, the awe kept coming when Diana and John both started climbing things (in their dressy clothes, mind you), and John kept supporting Diana through these acrobatic formations!!!  I didn’t prompt them at all, that was all Diana’s competitive ice skating skills bursting at the seams!  Thank you Diana and John, for a session that was so uniquely you!

One of my favorites of the day, but notice something that’s out of place in the picture?  Look towards the far left edge of the image on the column, above John’s head.  Right? The engagement has a inscription that says, ‘persevere’ Staying off the grass~


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