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A Valentines Day Gift | Jules Ko Photography

Steffen can make a lot of guys look, um… less romantic? less stylish?

This is a very belated post, but I didn’t want it to go unshared…

Last Valentines day weekend, with the help from John LaRoche from Blue Guava, and John Brotz, (a new, but my favorite event planner),  Steffen arranged a beautiful intimate dinner gift to his wife Nancy.

They have a fabulous, ultra sleek loft, but you’d hardly notice that when you have a dinner table set for their 7 closest friends, amazing table settings with every detail designed and arranged by John Brotz, and rose and orchid flower arrangements made by Blue Guava.

Who cooked the five course meals?  Who else but a personal chef in their own kitchen!

Enjoy the twinkles!

John Brotz attending to every detail. *

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Ina - Stunning!! What a great gift!!

Nancy - wow – amazing photos Jules! thank you for sharing! it’s almost as much fun to see the photos again as it was to walk into the room and see the creative atmosphere!

Shoe Obsession? Absolutely Not | Boston Wedding Photography

I can confidently say that I do not have a shoe obsession or anything remotely close to a fetish.

Though I fully noted Sex-in-the-city-Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Blahnik obsession and wondered how fictional that might be, as a wedding photographer, the designer names, and iconic signature traits started to catch my eye.

I appreciate design, style, and quality craftsmanship… regardless of any object (note appreciation has nothing to do with brand loyalty or the price tag… sigh… Apple products…).

When the time came for me to pick my own wedding shoes, I had to consider several things…

1. of the ivory and sage color scheme, I wanted a pair of blue shoes to “pop” under the long gown. Along the lines of something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue (which actually comes from a Jewish tradition…), my college nick name from my professor was Blue… thanks to my blue hair streak.

2. wedding was outside, so I couldn’t let a pair of pointy heels sink into the grass as I stood there for a 45min ceremony.

3. Dan and I are the same height.  I didn’t want to tower over him in my wedding pictures.

4. Oh, did I mention that I have slightly wide feet and ‘beautiful’ shoes don’t come in wide sizes???  (help shoe designers!)

So I went back and forth, and after many online searches and shoe returns later, settled down on a pair of blue low platform shoes from Boutique 9 , and decided to switch shoes for the dancing portion. Picking the shoe was harder than finding the wedding gown.

photo by GH Kim Photography

For the male audience, I do want to inform, among other things, women have 2 kinds of dress-up categories… dress up for the office/work, and dress up for evening parties and weddings where the femininity is celebrated full force at the risk of being very cold and uncomfortable.  I’m not really stocked for that latter in the shoe category, since I don’t actually like wearing heels.

But If I did have a shoe obsession, this would be it… I had so much fun appreciating these shoes!

Thank you for the beautiful designs, Christian Louboutin

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EGC Annual Dinner | Boston Event Photography

Emmanuel Gospel Center held their annual fundraiser dinner on March 13th. They were also celebrating the publishing of a new book by their President and Assistant/wife, Doug & Judy Hall titled, The Cat & Toaster: Living System Ministry in a Technological Age.

This was my first time attending the annual EGC dinner, an event many of our friends seem to make an annual trip to, and I was pleasantly surprised how warm the atmosphere and spirits were at the event.  The food was delicious, and the speakers were motivational.  Aside from seeing friends, it was a pleasure to see so many people gather to support what EGC is doing in Boston and how many lives have been touched through EGC’s hard work, including the Starlight ministries which helps churches build loving relationships with the homeless.

Below is a glimpse of what the evening was like.  Thank you Grace, for recruiting me for the event.

There was a cake with a cat decor next to this one: to celebrate the book: “The Cat & the Toaster”

Various EGC programs

Dan caught this cutie in the audience.

Liza Cagua-Koo MC opening up the evening.

The authors and Communications director Steve Daman

waiting in line for book signing

cat and toaster shaped cake lollipops in line with the book title.

a portion of the EGC team

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Guestbook: Jules Ko Boston Wedding Photography

Today was a gorgeous day in Boston.  After having back to back floods, the sunglasses and flipflops seem to pop up everywhere.  Although it’s a beautiful spring day, I’m about to share a glimpse of fall.

We are offering a new product: an engagement album.  The images from the bride and groom’s engagement session are carefully designed into a flat hinged album (meaning the pages lay flat no matter which part of the book it’s opened to) with generous white spaces so that the album can be used as a sign-in guest book on the wedding day.  I’m a fan of white space, so when I see the album below, I don’t have the urge to fill up the white spaces with notes, but it can certainly be used that way.

I had been wondering why at many weddings I’ve been to, guests fill out their names in the guest book, followed by their address.  If someone attends the wedding, that means they were invited by a wedding invitation, meaning the bride and groom have their address, right?  So why fill up that space with your contact info?  I’m curious why this happens, please feel free to comment if you know the answer.  When I was preparing for our wedding, I designed my own guest book, because the guest books I could find weren’t the right format or the right size, or the right design.  But an album like this, is full of the bride and groom’s personality, and combines the loving blessings of friends and family with the memories of the engagement season.  It feels like an elevated version of an yearbook, where the pictorial memories of a a year is combined with friends’ greetings and best wishes.

It starts with a hard cover with custom image and the wedding date:

Jules Ko Wedding Photography: Inspire Boston

It has been a while since I posted something related to weddings.

You can imagine how ‘not-so-vibrant’ wedding season is in Boston once the weather gets cold and gloomy.  But during the winter months, there are a lot of training going on behind the scenes, and meeting up with clients, booking weddings for the upcoming wedding season, etc.  One of the training was a conference where the local Boston area photographers gathered to network, and sign up for workshops to learn from respected members of the photo community here in the New England area.

This was a conference where I didn’t know anyone.  I had met 2 of the organizers briefly but no one I could hide behind.  For a 2 full day conference, I was excited for the content, but not so much for the ‘cold-call networking time.’  But boy did I get inspired at the end of the conference and meet kindred spirits!

Two of the highlights were lives sessions where a seasoned pro leads the session and we try different styles with the gracious brides (and groom).

This is Holly, she was amazingly comfortable in front of the camera, but her accessories and ensemble was so edgy, (birdcage veil, and those lashes!)  it was such a treat!

This workshop was led by Matt Grazier of Grazier Photography (He and his wife Enna put this event together and were such a gracious couple!)

The beauty was by – Joyabeauty.com

and I forget where the other sponsors were from…  =(

And this live session was led by Carla Ten Eyck

models Jen & Jerome Braga of Studio1923.com

Beauty by Jennie Fresa Beauty Library- jenniefresa.com

and the fuzzy shrug and hair accessories, from the White Dress by the Shore – thewhitedressbytheshore.com

Shang - Totally heart that red wall!