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Suprises along the way | Jules Ko Photography

Hello Friends and Internet,

It has been a long time since I last blogged.  The last 10 weeks or so, we have been going through some excitement that led to difficult news, then, it turned into an emergency risky surgery.  It has been challenging to keep up with commitments to my clients, and my responsibilities in between the bed rests and worse symptoms.  It really prioritized what the basic necessities are… for a while there, I could care less about social networking and making appearances when it’s hard to hold my own head up.

Thankfully, my wonderful clients have been supportive and understanding along the way, and having a doctor in the family has been a Godsend to my own peace of mind, and recovery.  I will continue to be monitored for the next few months, but we keep our faith in the God who creates and gives life.

So, yes, I am very behind on blogging, I am very behind on many things… even getting my summer clothes out of the box… =)  yup, I realize it’s August….

But, will do my best to trickle more work up here, as I tend to client deliveries first.  Thank God for laptops that let me work out of my BED!

Below are some views from a trip to NYC a few weeks back while I traveled for a seminar and a portrait session.

One of my teenage years obsession pop art.

My favorite place in NYC, the MoMA


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Jill - yay more blogging! 😉

Grace - praying for you, jules! feel better soon. 🙂

Karman Lee - Jules – Hope all is well and speedy recovery. Let me know if there’s anything I can help.

Angie - Welcome back to the blogging world! It wasn’t the same without you! 🙂

Janice - hope you feel better soon.

Shang - Jules – your health is more important than many things, I’m praying for you and hoping that you will make a speedy recovery!

Emily - Sorry to hear you are not well! Hope you have a full recovery!

Sneak Peeks from the past few weekend weddings | Jules Ko Photography

Because Facebook lowers the image quality, here’s a collection of the past few week’s wedding sneak peeks.

Yesterday, the sky was so beautiful with these huge fluffy clouds, but then, by the time it was time to head out for the scheduled time, it felt like there was 2 inches of rain river flooding the streets of Copley.  While crossing the street with a large umbrella over my head, I was wet knees down.  But thankfully, 2 hours later, the rain had cleared enough for the couple to have a lovely courtyard wedding.

Nikkie & Tom’s Sneak Peeks

Nini&Yang’s Sneak Peeks

Diana & John’s Sneak Peeks


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Teresa - Ooh I like the last one of Diana and John with their wedding party. playful and still good-looking =P

Katherine and Will’s Wedding | Jules Ko Boston Photographer

Spending an hour or more with a couple during the engagement portrait session is obviously not enough to get to know a couple.  But spend a whole day with a bride and groom, I get to know a LOT about their personalities, their history, and their chemistry with their loved ones.  Katherine and Will are both very playful people and all aspects of their wedding reflected fun loving personality.

Katherine has surprised me all along the engagement period when she keenly blogged about her wedding planning journey, but I also saw many signs of her love and skills with crafts.  She had made her own invitation envelopes, and table tents, but when the wedding day arrived, her personal touch continued.

This couple had two separate receptions, one where the entire ceremony guests were invited to – reception immediately following the ceremony at the church, and a formal dinner reception at a country club for close friends and family.  It was at this reception that I found out that Katherine and Will didn’t show too much PDA in front of their friends during their dating period.  So, instead of abiding to the guests ringing their flutes for a kiss, they enforced the rule that they’ll kiss after each guest shared a story about them, or toasted them.  And each kiss was delivered in a uniquely playful manner!

Katherine made the pomander for the flower girl from ribbons by hand!!

The first glance

Katherine had a long cathedral veil, but the strong winds that day was no match for bobby pins and hair spray.

Katherine wrote and read a poem to Will shortly after the bridal portrait session.

Katherine’s dad walked her down the aisle, then kept on walking to officiate the wedding! This is where story telling comes in, the ring bearer was ever so curious when ‘no one’ was looking at the church reception. In the middle of the first dance, Katherine tossed off her heals and the couple busted out dancing to “I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas” and the entire wedding party joined in to a very lively choreography.The maid of honor and sister of the Bride, Melissa was beyond-perfect maid-of-honor throughout the entire day. And something new we incorporated for Katherine and Will’s wedding was a ‘photo booth’ where guests’ photos were taken during the reception at a designated spot with fun and silly messages and props provided by Katherine.


Florist- Lyh Rhen Lam

Wedding Cake – Charlotte Lau

Hair & Make-up-Carolina Velasco

Videographer-Tim Stonesifer


Reception-Indian-Ridge Country Club

Coordinator- Meaghan Anne O’Neil of MAODesign


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susan - i love the picture of the boy with the wedding cake! 😉

jules - me too!

Our wedding photography « Proposal, engagement, wedding planning, and marriage! - […] read Jules’s blog post about our wedding here!  Katherine and Will’s wedding […]

rema - great shot of her long veil! very artistic :). i love how it also shows the beautiful detail of the back of her dress.

Congratulations Namie and Levi | Jules Ko Boston Wedding Photographer

Wedding days always overflow with love, but Namie and Levi’s wedding seemed to overflow more than others.  The very romantic and sweet couple were soaked in love for each other as well as the loving support of their happy family and friends.

But there were many unique circumstances throughout the day.

I arrived at the Bride’s sisters house at 7 in the morning, and not only was the bride doing her own hair and make-up for the Vietnamese ceremony, but she was also doing the flower girl-cousin’s hair, and she still managed to be the first person ready!!! The glowing bride Looking onto the Groom’s family’s arrival from the upstairs window. The Vietnamese procession, bearing gifts for the brides’ family.Mother of the Bride and Groom Wedding Jewelery Mother and DaughterI had never seen 5 priests presiding a wedding either… The Couple had fun with a blue mustang, they wanted a red one, but if we had a red one, the next image wouldn’t have popped so much~ The couple’s touching slide show explained the inside ‘saying’The Groom’s grand entrance. The wedding party changed shoes for the reception except for the Bride. Mother of Groom helping with the change French cousin, Thierry and gf put on an incredible dance show. Brides talented sister was the wedding florist AND cake artist.  See her info below.
And last, but not least, the Groom’s dream come true.

Florist-Serene Touch Florist

Wedding Cake –Serene Touch Florist

Bridal Gown-Casablanca Bridal

Catering-Golden Dragon, Manchester CT

Videographer-Long Vo

Ceremony-Chapel of the Holy Spirit of Assumption College

Reception-Arrowhead Acres


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lori - wow jules these are stunning! the one in the trees is my favourite. 🙂

Sukhee - hi, jules!
7am photo shoot?! lookin’ good, lookin’ good 🙂

mike - i love the stain glass shot. cool colors and backgrounds in general!

Jackie’s Bridal Session Sneak Peak | Jules Ko Photography

A beautiful afternoon, a beautiful bride, beautiful setting, and beautiful flowers:  A sneak peek for more to come soon,


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Karman Lee - Jacki looks great in the photos!! Great job!

Shang - Looking GORGEOUS Jacki!!

Ina - Beautiful, Jules!! I LOVE that flower in her hair. And her hair. And eyelashes! Can’t wait to see more!

Jackie - OHHH, the first one is my favorite! 🙂 LOVE the Bokah! <3