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Jodi and Gary’s Winter Family Portrait | Jules Ko Photography

How about a winter session in the middle of the summer to refresh you?

This session is really, long overdue, this took place at the beginning of this year.  Jodi and Gary’s family currently live in Costa Rica, but they used to be prominent members in Cambridge, as the pastoral family at my church.  They actually left for Costa Rica as I was marrying into the church, so I didn’t have the pleasure to get to know them, but this session 2 years later was such a treat.  Not only were EVERY member of the family sweet, and generous to me, they were/are so sweet to one another, I was truly in awe.

While they were visiting Massachusetts, it was time to get their family portrait done.  And to visit one of their favorite places in Boston, the Arnold Arboretum, with snow in the background was an added treat for their friends back in Costa Rica to see.

The many expressions of their angelic faces!


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Jackie’s Bridal Session | Jules Ko Photography

Wedding days are so packed and scheduled to every minute, with many loved ones wanting to spend time with the bride and groom, there might even be a traffic delay or a weather glitch.  When all that and more adds up, even a long wedding day will pass by in a blur for the bride and groom.  Bridal sessions (known also as re-shoot-, or trash-the-dress session) are a photo session that takes place at a date later than your wedding.  It can be a day after, or it can be a month to a year after.  All it takes is the bride (and groom if he’d like in a suit) with her wedding dress, and a beautiful location.  It’s a photo session in wedding attire when the bride and groom are rested, have a little more time on their hands, may want a location different then their wedding day (urban vs. nature), or may even want a shorter, simpler dress then the actual wedding gown.  With a bridal session, we can have more fun, and not worry about wrinkling the dress, or try a glam pose or two.  In the case below, former bride, and fellow photographer Jackie had a blast trying out bolder fashion accessories to her wedding gown.  A big thanks to the Linden Place, RI for the beautiful location, and John LaRoche for Blue Guava for the fabulous bouquets.  For the previews sneak peeks, see here.

Oh, bird cage veil, why did you become so trendy after my wedding day?  =) Jackie has a ballet background, so it was so fun to incorporate bridal attire with the other ultimate feminine symbol of ballet slippers.


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Karman Lee - Gorgeous!

Shang - Such a pretty session! Jackie you are so gorgeous!

Suprises along the way | Jules Ko Photography

Hello Friends and Internet,

It has been a long time since I last blogged.  The last 10 weeks or so, we have been going through some excitement that led to difficult news, then, it turned into an emergency risky surgery.  It has been challenging to keep up with commitments to my clients, and my responsibilities in between the bed rests and worse symptoms.  It really prioritized what the basic necessities are… for a while there, I could care less about social networking and making appearances when it’s hard to hold my own head up.

Thankfully, my wonderful clients have been supportive and understanding along the way, and having a doctor in the family has been a Godsend to my own peace of mind, and recovery.  I will continue to be monitored for the next few months, but we keep our faith in the God who creates and gives life.

So, yes, I am very behind on blogging, I am very behind on many things… even getting my summer clothes out of the box… =)  yup, I realize it’s August….

But, will do my best to trickle more work up here, as I tend to client deliveries first.  Thank God for laptops that let me work out of my BED!

Below are some views from a trip to NYC a few weeks back while I traveled for a seminar and a portrait session.

One of my teenage years obsession pop art.

My favorite place in NYC, the MoMA


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Jill - yay more blogging! 😉

Grace - praying for you, jules! feel better soon. 🙂

Karman Lee - Jules – Hope all is well and speedy recovery. Let me know if there’s anything I can help.

Angie - Welcome back to the blogging world! It wasn’t the same without you! 🙂

Janice - hope you feel better soon.

Shang - Jules – your health is more important than many things, I’m praying for you and hoping that you will make a speedy recovery!

Emily - Sorry to hear you are not well! Hope you have a full recovery!

Sneak Peeks from the past few weekend weddings | Jules Ko Photography

Because Facebook lowers the image quality, here’s a collection of the past few week’s wedding sneak peeks.

Yesterday, the sky was so beautiful with these huge fluffy clouds, but then, by the time it was time to head out for the scheduled time, it felt like there was 2 inches of rain river flooding the streets of Copley.  While crossing the street with a large umbrella over my head, I was wet knees down.  But thankfully, 2 hours later, the rain had cleared enough for the couple to have a lovely courtyard wedding.

Nikkie & Tom’s Sneak Peeks

Nini&Yang’s Sneak Peeks

Diana & John’s Sneak Peeks


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Teresa - Ooh I like the last one of Diana and John with their wedding party. playful and still good-looking =P