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Remembering a beloved | Jules Ko Photography

Something seems extra special about this year’s foliage.  Or maybe I am seeing things in a new light in between hospital visits, working from home, and praying for people in my life who are having difficult seasons.  A very important person loved foliage, so much that for practically every wedding anniversary, she asked to go see the autumn foliage as her anniversary gift.  In the last autumn of her life, I picked the prettiest foliage I could find, pressed it in Boston, tied a bow around a small bouquet before carefully flying it in my lap to her hospital bed in Seattle, hoping it wouldn’t be her last.  About a month later, my mother passed away, nearly 4 years ago in the hands of stomach cancer.

This year on my trip to Seattle, I picked a few pretty leaves and left it at her tombstone, wondering, how is it that my own lively mother even has a tombstone.  Wishing for the few leaves to stay near her, I picked a few pebbles from a nearby flower bed and placed them above the leaves, feeling very much like a small child, looking for treasures in a stream.

The downside of the beautiful foliage, I guess, is the fact that those leaves are dying.  But some, like my mother, are beautiful to the very end.


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Michelle - these photos are so beautiful! my mother passed away when i was very young, so i found your reflections very moving. thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos!

Congratulations Tina & John | Jules Ko Photography

It was a warm sunny afternoon wedding in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  One of the sweetest, and gentlest couples I know got married!  I’ve known Tina and John while they were dating, and when they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was delighted!  Their wedding was just like them, full of friendship, laughter, and love.  This had to have been one of the largest weddings, needing very efficient coordinating, and even two receptions on the same day.  But despite the full schedule, the couple was as down to earth as can be.

Facing the glowing bride, should be a beaming groom just like this, every time! Beautiful flowers by John Selleto of Petali’s, I especially love the fiddle head, and the amazing details of the bridal bouquet. In preparation for an outdoor shoot, Tina chose to have a simpler dress for the formal portrait session, and a more classic, delicate gown for the ceremony. I love the moments captured here above and below The sanctuary of St. Paul’s AME Church was packed. Minus the friends setting up the receptions Food and cakes were catered by Wildflower Catering. Tina looked like a beautiful fashion doll in her qipao Congratulations Tina and John!


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Shang - WOOHOO!!! Huge congratulations to such an awesome couple! Great big group shot of everyone!

Karman Lee - The group shot looks like it took a lot of work to get it done! Great job!

My other home | Jules Ko Photography

I’ve lived in Boston for 5 years almost exactly to date.  That’s long enough in this transient city to say I’m not new to Boston.  That’s actually longer that the 4 years I lived in the metro-Seattle area post college before I moved to Boston.  But this past week, as we traveled to the Pacific Northwest, I was reminded why, I still call it home.

Last week, Dan and I traveled for an unusual wedding weekend.  On Saturday, Dan was a groomsman, and I was the wedding photographer in the Bay Area.  Then the next day, we took the first flight out of San Jose to Seattle, and I was a Grooms-woman (don’t get me started, the gender role is yet another blog post), and Dan a guest at a wedding in Seattle.  And surrounding those events, we soaked in a few days of vacation after a long busy summer of medical emergencies and record number of weddings.  We played with nephews, caught up with dear old friends, got pampered, saw several pods of orcas swimming by in the wild, ate foods only found in the west, and fresh macarons to be the best outside of Paris Ladurée, and managed to gain 5 pounds in one week.

Dan’s brother is holding his second son, I met this little guy for the first time!   Dan a groomsman (got to see my man in a tux again~ Thank you Eddie and Eileen)Groomswoman had some people raise eye browsEven moss is beautiful at our friends’ back yard And this, is the San Juan Islands…. I am frolicking in a a field of lavender… harvested lavender unfortunately… There’s something different in the sunlight over the pacific northwest… We watched wildlife from this light houseThey are real! Madrona trees are unique to the region, they peel a thin red bark all year long , I miss even themSome island residents kindly informed us that several pods of orcas have been heard few miles off from where we were.  I’m praying for the orcas to come our way…. And they did! it felt like hours of awe… We were close enough to hear them blow air… Dan let me gawk, while he took the pictures…  it was a very good day… I’ve went on 4 whale watch cruises, 3 out 4, I didn’t see this many, or this close.This is the beautiful Wildwood Manor On the grounds More madronas And headed back to Seattle, into Pike Place Market Thank you for the lovely week in my other home.  It was marvelous…


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Jill - WOW jules!!! these look AMAZING!!!

Michelle S. - these are so beautiful! makes me want to visit the northwest! 🙂

Liz - Love these photos soooo much Jules! P.S. We had a Groomswoman too… actually she was the Best Lady.

lori - so beautiful jules! i’m so glad you got to take this trip. and the orcas! amazing!

Jenny - Great pictures of the Northwest, thanks for sharing…it was nice to be able to see those sights again…