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Something new Part 1: Boudoir | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

The post below is password protected.  It is meant for many readers of this blog, so the password is super easy: boudoir

But I also respect the gentlemen readers’ eyes, that the post below isn’t meant for you.

Excerpt from post ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Within the photography business, Dan and I ponder hypothetical questions every once in a while.  If “this” comes up, would we do it?

A little while back, I wondered if I would say ‘yes’ to Boudoir photography.  Recently, Boudoir photography has become very popular for women celebrating and embracing their self image in an intimate setting. Often meant as a gift album to their husbands, or wedding gifts to their fiance’s.  Of course, these aren’t meant to be objectifying women, or even artistic nudes.  Studios such as Boudoir Divas, only photograph boudoirs with an all women staff, and offering make-up and hair stylists partners, all the way to intimate sets.  As someone who gets caught off guard when I see cleavage in everyday attire, I had to think long about it.  At first, I had to think, do I agree with the concept of boudoir? 2nd, can I work the camera in this context?  3rd, can I work on these images without Dan’s eyes ever seeing them?  =)

Sure enough, earlier in the summer, I was approached if I would shoot a boudoir session.  I figured, I am up to try new styles.  By the time the date came, it was 2 engaged ladies, a contemporary hotel room, and a lot of feminine garments, pearls, along with their men’s favorite sports jerseys.

Although boudoir looks like a completely different animal, at the base of it all, the essence of how I work held true in boudoir photography as well.  My photography philosophy to capture and preserve a person’s beauty, and make them feel comfortable in front of the lens to be themselves, held true to boudoir.  This wasn’t about candids and story telling, but like a portrait, to capture this moment to be cherished for years to come.

In college, during one of my painting classes, my professor popped live nude models in front of us without ever saying a word beyond the fact that we are going to work on human figures.  As an 18 year old, I saw a human form in it’s entirety in many ages, shapes and forms in the manner of weeks.  I’m certain I was the most sheltered person in that room, but after the worldly eye turned off, and the artistic eye turned on, I realized that the human body is very beautiful indeed.  And in all frankness the model in front of me at the time was someone who would not standout in a crowd if she had everyday clothes on.  I remember thinking to my self, no matter what age, or shape I am, I hope my future husband can see the beauty I see now.  =)

To protect the privacy of the clients, and their loved ones, I can only show a small sample here, and many, I cropped even further to keep their identity discreet.  And I’d also recommend some readers to not ready/view further, since this isn’t meant for all. :)


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grace l - thanks for sharing this and writing about this, jules. i’ve read about boudoir photography for a couple years but never understood it or appreciated until your post. great work! i’m super impressed with the range of photos you can always capture so beautifully.

Seaport Wedding | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

This wedding season, I started something new.  Second shooting with high end New England Area Photographers.

Although Dan and I shoot most weddings together, neither of us are pegged as the second shooter role.  I hadn’t been his second shooter since the first wedding I shot 2 years ago.

Second shooting is great!  Less work, and it’s great to know that I’m getting someone’s back, versus running the show and feeling the pressure all the time~  just kidding… slightly.  =)  There are definitely wonderful sides to second shooting, not to mention to work with these respected, well established photographers, and be inspired by their hard work, experience, and knowledge.  Also, due to my recent surgery, second shooting was a great way to keep my self photographing without accruing additional editing work to my palette.  Among the several photographers I got to work with, I had the pleasure of working with Brittany Blando, who’s also the founder of Beantown Brides a blog site dedicated to New England, Boston area weddings, and brides.

There was something definitely unique to covering the groom getting ready, I’m more used to capturing the bride. But sure enough, there were plenty details to capture.

The Burberry Wedding gift from the bride.

Peter’s mom was part of the entire getting ready time.  It was wonderful to witness the calming mother-son love.

Walking out the Boston Seaport.

There were many more groomsmen shots.  But I didn’t realize how much more diverse groomsmen shots can be!

They can pull off stern, silly, traditional, boy-band, men-in-black, james bond, GQ, and just keep going!One of the groomsmen let me take a shot of his independent fashion statement~ Kelly arriving at the church with her Dad. as the best man speech said, Kelly couldn’t be any more cute. again, heart melting… I lost it when they danced to Boyz-II-Men’s Mama… later in the receptionEach of the bridal party ladies had a unique shoe color to pull off, and the groomsmen pocket squares matched their shoe color.  Love the details!

The gorgeous maid of honor, Maryanne


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Jill - wow beautiful photos jules!! love the one of her walking down the aisle. :)

Seaport Wedding | Jules Ko Photography | Boston | Jules Ko Photography | Boston - […] Seaport Wedding | Jules Ko Photography | Boston […]

Karen & Miles | Jules Ko Photography | New York City

While catching up on past sessions…

I met Karen at a wedding event I was photographing earlier in the summer.  She had the kindest smile, and turned to me while I was weaving the crowd, and said that I have the best job, capturing people’s joys.  I was impressed at the way she worded her comments as well as her elegant demeanor.  We shared our love for photography, and introduced our selves, and later reconnected through facebook.  Since then, she’s been nothing but supportive and encouraging towards my own well being as well as my photography.  Short months later, she asked me to do a portrait session of her with her pup, Miles down in NYC.  I was thrilled!

Not only does Karen work to help people rise above addiction at the Phoenix House, she rescued this sweet dog from a life unfit for any animal.  I’ve heard this situation in some of the far away states where people abandon their dogs in the forest, and others go out there to play ‘target practice’ on them.  The two dogs I’ve met with this history have been the most sweet, gentle mannered, beautiful creatures, I can’t swallow what cruelty is out there…

Enjoy the beauty of Karen and Miles, and their loving family.  We started the session in Karen’s place near central park, and strolled down to Miles’ favorite spots in central park.  Miles is a sweet-sweet creature, and his gentleness reminds me of Lady from Lady and the Tramp~ During the session, I was so touched when he set right up against my knee and let me pet him, it felt like nice therapy =)

Enjoying the view from Karen’s rooftop deck


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stacy - Its a toss up between the dog and Karen!!!! :-)

Shirley Margaret Belt - Jules,

You certainly captured Karen and Miles perfectly. The pictures are beautiful. Also, not being prejudiced at all, your blog in describing Karen really does fit her. I am so happy you both got to know one another!

Karen’s Mom!

jules - Thank you Stacy. Thank you Shirley! =) I have no doubt, you can’t possibly be biased. I look forward to getting to Karen better in time! You must be so proud!

Dorothy Youst - I can’t believe Karen didn’t forward me -her Grandmother- these gorgeous photographs of Herself and Miles ! Shame on you Karen!

You are truly beautiful and so is Miles, Jules captured you just as you are ! LOVE YOU Grandma

Am I a Mr. or a Ms.? | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

I grew up part of my life around an extended family, where men were valued over women.  I’m not blaming all my hair-raising sensitive views on “equal-value-between-the-genders” view to be in reaction to that, since in my own immediate family there were no hints of that.  But having the name “Jules” can humorously be mistaken for a guy’s name on paper.  Julius and Julian can be shortened to Jules, I know… the gender neutrality is one more reason I appreciate my name, but every once in a while I do get mistaken to be a Mister.

I’m not into cutesy  things, but I do have occasional fun with a little Disney Princesses outlet.  The extent of this stops at having some of the DVD’s and all the princess soundtracks up to Mulan.  But my personal checks are also of a Disney castle collection.  =)  Might as well have some fun when sending money away, right?  But small organizations have received a check from me and would send me a mail addressed to a  Mr. Jules…  =p. Really?  Was it the name, or the check, or the fact that I was paying the bill?  =p

In my first career, Industrial design, the field used to be 10% women.  So I worked hard to beat the odds.  I guess I find it a little ironic that in the photography field, the old ratio was similar, but in the recent times, women have had equal footing, if not more, thanks to their general appreciation for wedding beauties, and love for babies. I do every once in a while get inquiries addressed to a Mr. Jules, though.  I guess most of us grew up with a man-photographer covering our family portraits and our relatives’ weddings.  But the reality is that majority of the times, women are the target clients for this business.

Brides connect with photographers who understand their physical concerns and make them look and feel beautiful.  Not to mention changing into their gowns in front of a woman photographer has noticeable comfort over the other gender, (though, not a deal breaker).  Similar to mom’s in family portraits.  If there’s an image where everyone looks great, but mom doesn’t look her best, forget about it, that image isn’t selling.   So ladies, go ahead.  I have no gender biases.;)

On another note, while preparing for this past weekend’s Bat Mitzvahs, I was bewildered to notice that leaves had started falling!  Is summer gone?

A sneak peek into Hannah’s Bat Mitzvah:


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