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Am I a Mr. or a Ms.? | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

I grew up part of my life around an extended family, where men were valued over women.  I’m not blaming all my hair-raising sensitive views on “equal-value-between-the-genders” view to be in reaction to that, since in my own immediate family there were no hints of that.  But having the name “Jules” can humorously be mistaken for a guy’s name on paper.  Julius and Julian can be shortened to Jules, I know… the gender neutrality is one more reason I appreciate my name, but every once in a while I do get mistaken to be a Mister.

I’m not into cutesy  things, but I do have occasional fun with a little Disney Princesses outlet.  The extent of this stops at having some of the DVD’s and all the princess soundtracks up to Mulan.  But my personal checks are also of a Disney castle collection.  =)  Might as well have some fun when sending money away, right?  But small organizations have received a check from me and would send me a mail addressed to a  Mr. Jules…  =p. Really?  Was it the name, or the check, or the fact that I was paying the bill?  =p

In my first career, Industrial design, the field used to be 10% women.  So I worked hard to beat the odds.  I guess I find it a little ironic that in the photography field, the old ratio was similar, but in the recent times, women have had equal footing, if not more, thanks to their general appreciation for wedding beauties, and love for babies. I do every once in a while get inquiries addressed to a Mr. Jules, though.  I guess most of us grew up with a man-photographer covering our family portraits and our relatives’ weddings.  But the reality is that majority of the times, women are the target clients for this business.

Brides connect with photographers who understand their physical concerns and make them look and feel beautiful.  Not to mention changing into their gowns in front of a woman photographer has noticeable comfort over the other gender, (though, not a deal breaker).  Similar to mom’s in family portraits.  If there’s an image where everyone looks great, but mom doesn’t look her best, forget about it, that image isn’t selling.   So ladies, go ahead.  I have no gender biases.;)

On another note, while preparing for this past weekend’s Bat Mitzvahs, I was bewildered to notice that leaves had started falling!  Is summer gone?

A sneak peek into Hannah’s Bat Mitzvah:


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Pam and Dave’s Family Portrait | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

I photographed a friend’s baby shower and compiled the images into an album.  Then the friend’s husband who’s also a good friend, took that album and took it to work, and showed it to his boss.  His boss then hired me to photograph their eldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.  But since the Bat Mizvah was a year away, we had plenty of time to do a family portrait.  Pam, the mom and my friend’s boss, also expressed that her younger daughters, twins, hadn’t had any formal portraits taken since they were very little.

So last winter (yes, this is a long overdue), I visited Pam and Dave’s home and met 3 very precocious, and welcoming girls in the midst of beautiful winter afternoon.  Twins K & S were 9 years old at the time, and allowed me to capture some candids before the facial expressions started flowing.

The two very distinct fashion statements between K & S.

Dad and Mom

Meet Goldie and Hannah
My favorite image of the session


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Jodi and Gary’s Winter Family Portrait | Jules Ko Photography

How about a winter session in the middle of the summer to refresh you?

This session is really, long overdue, this took place at the beginning of this year.  Jodi and Gary’s family currently live in Costa Rica, but they used to be prominent members in Cambridge, as the pastoral family at my church.  They actually left for Costa Rica as I was marrying into the church, so I didn’t have the pleasure to get to know them, but this session 2 years later was such a treat.  Not only were EVERY member of the family sweet, and generous to me, they were/are so sweet to one another, I was truly in awe.

While they were visiting Massachusetts, it was time to get their family portrait done.  And to visit one of their favorite places in Boston, the Arnold Arboretum, with snow in the background was an added treat for their friends back in Costa Rica to see.

The many expressions of their angelic faces!


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