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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the year~ | Jules Ko Photography

This past month has been a blur of portraits, Christmas card orders, wedding album designing, and print orders.  It has been a wonderful time for the business, but a tough time for doing things like posting blogs, and putting up beautiful images on line!

And another note, a very embarrassing time for new inquiries… over a month ago, we switched hosting companies to make our website run faster, and in the midst of it, the wires were crossed and the inquiries filled out on our contact forms never made it into my mail box and are no where to be found.  At a peak Wedding booking season, it’s quite unfortunate.   My sincere apologies to anyone who submitted an inquiry and felt ignored… please write me again, the bugs have been fixed!

Here are some upcoming highlights!


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Jill - lovely photos! 🙂

Congratulations Kar-Mun and Steve | Jules Ko Photography | Harvard Faculty Club, Boston

As it often happens, we met an engaged couple, and they were the opposite of high maintenance.  Their primary wish was to celebrate and see their closest family and friends have a good time in an intimate setting.  But as mentioned in their engagement session post, Kar-Mun and Steve wasn’t about to have a cookie cutter wedding.  Both being such amazing classical musicians, their wedding ceremony was performed by a wonderful quartet of their friends, and it was one of the best music Dan and I heard at a wedding.  The couple got married at the Harvard Faculty Club, home of where they met as undergrads.

Having both Korean and Chinese cultures present, the day started with the groom’s friends walking over to carry the bride to the ceremony.

The groom’s party had to earn the privilege to escort the bride by doing pleasing the crowd.  They danced as the crowd hummed Habanera from Carmen. Chinese Tea Ceremony The weather held on just long enough to get the formal portraits taken of the bride and groom, then the drizzles took the ceremony to the back up location, the library of the Harvard Faculty Club. Instead of the traditional dancing of the bride and groom, they entertained the guests by playing each others’ instruments. Then the main performance began when they swapped instruments. The Korean Pae-Bek Ceremony.  Steve’s parents are blessing the couple to have many children.

Congratulations Steve and Kar-Mun!


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Denise and John’s family session | Jules Ko Photography

Let me introduce you to 5 months old S, one of the most stylish babies this summer~  =)

Denise, S’s mom approached me to get S’s baby portraits within the first few months of S’s life, which is a rare treat to meet parents who plan things in advance in the midst of such a challenging stage.  I was promised a smiley baby girl, but when we met to photograph her on the beautiful Boston College campus, she was very pensive, and very studious of what was actually going on.  Just take a look at the 3rd image down, she looks like she’s in charge!  In the arms of her loving parents and aunties, S cooed, cringed, smiled, and studied.  Thank you Denise and John for the beautiful moments!


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Remembering a beloved | Jules Ko Photography

Something seems extra special about this year’s foliage.  Or maybe I am seeing things in a new light in between hospital visits, working from home, and praying for people in my life who are having difficult seasons.  A very important person loved foliage, so much that for practically every wedding anniversary, she asked to go see the autumn foliage as her anniversary gift.  In the last autumn of her life, I picked the prettiest foliage I could find, pressed it in Boston, tied a bow around a small bouquet before carefully flying it in my lap to her hospital bed in Seattle, hoping it wouldn’t be her last.  About a month later, my mother passed away, nearly 4 years ago in the hands of stomach cancer.

This year on my trip to Seattle, I picked a few pretty leaves and left it at her tombstone, wondering, how is it that my own lively mother even has a tombstone.  Wishing for the few leaves to stay near her, I picked a few pebbles from a nearby flower bed and placed them above the leaves, feeling very much like a small child, looking for treasures in a stream.

The downside of the beautiful foliage, I guess, is the fact that those leaves are dying.  But some, like my mother, are beautiful to the very end.


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Michelle - these photos are so beautiful! my mother passed away when i was very young, so i found your reflections very moving. thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos!