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Live Forever | Jules Ko Photography

Have you seen the beautiful commercial from Kodak?

I have no bias for Kodak, but I love the message in this commercial.

It’s not speedy, but I encourage you to watch the whole thing.

This is why I am a photographer.

This is why photos are my treasures.

And along that note…  she lives forever in my heart!

From 5 years ago as I left Seattle to move to Boston…


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Yon - The last part made me tear up too. Thanks for your lovely pictures, Jules.

Katy - This brought a tear to my eye, Jules – thanks for sharing the message! :)

Sukhee - That commercial was great. Still a great picture of you and your mom. Thanks for letting me be a part of that! :)

jules - Thank you for taking that picture, Sukhee!

Robert - That was an amazing commercial. Thanks for that jolt of inspiration.

Hair Dilemma

It’s been an ongoing tug and pull since college. I whack my hair off short enough to reveal the hair line at the top of my neck, and then many months later, when I get tired of keeping hair off my face, I grow it out long enough to put up in a french twist and then let it keep growing because going to a hair stylist every 2 months seem like a hassle. I never ‘learned’ to really style my own hair. When other teen age girls started blow drying their hair in high school, I didn’t know how to do acrobatics with my arms, and handle a blow dryer and a large brush.

So 2 years ago, shortly after the wedding ceremony, my hair was long enough to donate to Beautiful Lengths, where hair donations would be made into wigs for women cancer patients. That was very important to me, considering my mother’s history. I’m not sure what possessed Dan and I, but I let Dan cut my low pony tail off. Of course it was a rough cut with the biggest scissors we owned.  When I walked into the salon, the woman who’s been cutting my hair for 3+ years, hurried up to me from her current client in her chair and said in her strong accent, “What did you do to your hair!” I told her, and described what short cut I now wanted, and she said, “well, that’s all I CAN do with this hair, next time, don’t let your husband cut your hair!”

I had a good run with the short hair.  It was a mind relief to wear one style for 2 years, and not think about what my hair is going to do in the morning.   My hair is now barely long enough to tie back. But not all that legitimately.  In a few weeks, I’m in a grooms party, wearing a black dress, standing in front of a lot of strangers. Shortly after landing from a flight that I may not have time to get my self all that freshened up.  What am I going to do with this in-between hair length now?

I miss my short hair… but I miss being able to pull my hair out of my face, and going on with my life. Darn, what do I do now?

Boston summer skyline.


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Sang - Short hair is awesome!

jules - yes, especially if you can cut your own! =)

susan - I’m sticking to the long hair for now.. but it’s a PAIN to do my hair daily. And frizzy hair days like today don’t help!!

Congratulations Katharine and Mike! | Jules Ko Photography

I met up with Joyelle West earlier in the summer, and when the opportunity came up to second shoot with her, I was so excited!  But to make things “memorable,” a week before the scheduled date, I had received some bad news which 2 weeks later led to a medical emergency.  So I could have been in better conditions when this date came.  Thank God I was feeling okay throughout it all, and the conditions of the wedding was very manageable (weather wise, venue wise, and schedule wise) and Joyelle was like a big sister, keeping tabs on me to see if I was feeling ok throughout.

Katharine and Mike got married at a the beautiful outdoor wedding at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden.  All the wedding details attributed to the garden theme.  And the garden overlooking the lake as the sun set reminded me of my home, the pacific northwest.  Love-love.  Katharine wore a simply chic J. Crew dress and the groomsmen wore Converse All Stars, as a small gathering of family of friends celebrated their union, and Katharine’s uncle presided over the ceremony.

The bouquet smelled so woodsy, in a beautiful way! Warning, a lot of cute children coming up in this wedding. Not only were they adorable, they are doing this smack in front, during the ceremony! Love the idea! The wedding  didn’t forget their Italian and Jewish heritages~


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Meet Natalie and Nelson! | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

Natalie and Nelson met through friends where Nelson first thought Natalie was taken, because she was with her brother, Nathan~

I wonder how many times that has happened others?  I know I’ve mistaken couples as siblings before because they seem to look alike and have similar names.  I’ve gotten out of a car with my brother and have had people wonder who he was.  But Natalie and Nelson, safely said, despite that N-Squared names, are definitely a couple, and a fun couple to watch!  Between the engagement shots, there were many times I couldn’t stop laughing because of their fun playful gestures and facial expressions.  Natalie is one bride-to-be who’s not afraid to have fun!

Natalie and Nelson are getting married this SATURDAY!  And it’s going to be one of the biggest weddings EVER in real life!

and then, some of the in between shots~  =)


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Megan (Boettcher) Boothby - Great pictures – both the very romantic serious ones and the truly joyful goofier ones! I’m so happy for you, Nattypants, and wish you both a lifetime of happiness! Also, that’s a very pretty hairdo on you.

Love and hugs from far, far away!

Nora - Such genuine pictures! Congrats to the beautiful bride and groom!