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How to prepare for an engagement portrait session

So, it’s time to prepare for your engagement session!

Here are some of my recommendations to help you prepare:
1.  Wear solids, or something with a fine print (no rugby stripes, Burberry plaids, or text across the chest, for example)

2.  Solid colors work well.  Whites and patterns tend to take the attention away from your faces, as well as more difficult to hide the creases/folds/wrinkles of the fabric.

3.  You as a couple certainly don’t have to wear the same tones, but whomever wears the more colorful outfit will stand out more than the other.  Also consider the background colors.  If we are photographing in a green park, avoid wearing greens, but pinks, purples, and other jewel tones will stand out very well.  Sometimes it works really well if the colors are complimentary, and an accent color is shared by both parties.

4.  If at all possible, please keep your hands/arms free so you can freely move around without a bag/purse/phone in your hands for the images (leave the purses or water bottles in the car or at home).  At the same time, if you’d like to bring a prop, like flowers, balloons, cup cakes, instruments, or others , I’ll try to get those images first.

5.  Feel free to dress up/doll-up as if you are going to a wedding: clients who look their best tend to have more confidence, and that comes through their expressions, and postures.  If this means wearing more eye lashes, or getting your (trial) wedding hair and make-up done (great way to test out your wedding day make-up artist to see how you photograph in them), and wearing fancy heels, all the more glam to you.

At the same time, if those elements are not how you want to be photographed, please feel free to be yourself.  Decades from now, your children WILL comment on your fashion statements.

6.  Engagement sessions last between 0.5-2 hrs depending on your signed Collection. Some location recommendations are parks, college campuses, neighborhoods like Beacon Hill, North End, botanical gardens, or urban settings.  It may be an area that’s sentimental to your dating life, or a contrast to the wedding location.  I generally recommend to avoid high traffic touristy areas, having more eyes on you can interfere with your comfort level, my ability to yell out verbal cues, as well as taking time to wait for someone to walk out of the background, etc.  However, when it comes down to it, the location is not high on the priority list.  All I need is you guys, and beautiful light.  As you can see in the above sample images, the landmark is barely noticeable…

7.  Engagement sessions are more about you then the environment.  My main focus will be working with you on different poses and capturing fun, sassy, or intimate moments, and getting to know you better!


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Congratulations Alice & Nathan | Jules Ko Photography

Alice and Nathan were one of the most organized couple of the year.  From reserving and planning their wedding earlier than many to a wedding day going so smoothly, yet with so much fun for the bride and groom was a special joy for us to witness and work with.

The Couple got married at the beautiful Granite Links Golf Club in Boston, surrounded by a very energetic and playful bridal party and beautiful flowers by Studio One Twenty Three.  The bridesmaids set up games for the groomsmen before Nathan was allowed to see Alice, and by reserving connected hotel rooms, Nathan and Alice got to have two first-Glances, one in Alice’s qipao and 2nd in her beautiful silk wedding gown at the ceremony location.

After the beautiful and emotional ceremony, the party continued on with a Tea Ceremony at the Hei La Moon, onto a banquet reception.  My two favorite moments of the reception are, 1, after the cake cutting, Alice took her time enjoying the rest of her wedding cake beyond the first mouthful.  As someone who only got to taste a fork bite of her own delicious wedding cake, I loved Alice’s no-nonsense approach to her dessert!  Second favorite moment was towards the end of the reception, I don’t know how they did it, but both Alice and Nathan were busy opening bottles and handing out drinks to their guests from the very celebratory open bar they had set up, and busy serving their excited guests.

As always, Lypor’s beautiful make up and hair design work held flawlessly till the end of the reception.

Congratulations Alice and Nathan!

Alice & Nathan’s Slideshow


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Christmas Cards this Season | Jules Ko Photography

In the past two days, I had two separate yet memorable conversations.

Conversation #1 went with a well traveled European guest I met at a party, who noted that sending family pictures for Christmas cards is unique to American customs.  Aside from learning something new, I thought about when this started around us, and why do we do it?  It certainly wasn’t always the case, but I can think back about 10 years ago, when the drug store photo counters had a holiday photo print template to choose from, and every once in a while, I’d receive a holiday wish printed on a letter envelope sized photo paper.  Back then, the templates were very elementary and limited.  But in the recent years, majority of the cards I receive, especially from married households is a Christmas Photo Greeting print. Now days, the options are pretty vast, from the websites that offer countless amount of templates, styles, sizes and paper finishes.

Conversation #2 went with a friend that we see on a regular bases, but don’t really get to talk to very often.  He complimented and thanked me for our Christmas card (a custom designed card with our Christmas photo) that mailed out to his family.  I explained that we don’t always do it, especially to people we see regularly, but this year, decided to give it a try.  He explained that he prefers photo cards over traditional cards because as they display the cards around the home, seeing the friends’ photos reminds him about the friends and love in their lives and what Christmas is about.

Last week, I also came across a ‘Christmas Card Tree’ on the Designer Preston Bailey’s blog site: Where he created a tree strictly full of Christmas cards from this year.

Christmas Card Tree By Preston Bailey

These conversations along with the annual Christmas Portrait event I hold for our friends where they get to order Christmas cards based on one of my designs,  I am more convinced then ever, that a photo Christmas Card is a special treat, and it’s not just for those who have cute kid pictures to share, or just for friends who live across the country to receive.

I myself have also been making electronic photo update ‘newsletters’ since several years ago, thinking this is the way to save postage, as well as give a visual reference to what all happened each year, and I think there’s still a place for that, for friends who would like to receive updates AND well wishes, but I am definitely thinking that there’s space for both in our lives.

That being said, here are the three card designs that went out from our home/business this special season where I am really trying to slow down, and concentrate on the true meanings of Christmas.  Being sick also helps me slow down…


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Christmas Portraits | Jules Ko Photography

In the most wonderful time of the year, it’s a lot of work and fun to turn on the Christmas Carols, and get the Christmas ornaments out for some holiday cheer amongst friends before the season fully hits~  Thank you for all your generous donations towards helping out the friends at Starlight.  Together we collected five large bags of toiletries and clothing.

I’ve been sitting on these images for the past month, itching to post them, but wanted to give them some time to arrive in people’s mail boxes in forms of our specially designed Christmas Cards.  Speaking of, I better go start mailing my Christmas cards as well!

And from yours truly, while having fun with our winter hats… a Mighty Christmas to you all!


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Rob & Tina’s Baby Portrait Session | Jules Ko Photography

Here is an amazing adorable little guy, Happy 1st birthday, Baby R!

RJ is wearing a Korean Dohl / Dol (celebration of 1st birthday) Han-Bok outfit, and doing it quite well!  Most babies hate having the big hat coverings on them. But then, he has so much beautiful hair, he could pull off a grown up outfit like below, too~


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