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Congratulations Katharine and Mike! | Jules Ko Photography

I met up with Joyelle West earlier in the summer, and when the opportunity came up to second shoot with her, I was so excited!  But to make things “memorable,” a week before the scheduled date, I had received some bad news which 2 weeks later led to a medical emergency.  So I could have been in better conditions when this date came.  Thank God I was feeling okay throughout it all, and the conditions of the wedding was very manageable (weather wise, venue wise, and schedule wise) and Joyelle was like a big sister, keeping tabs on me to see if I was feeling ok throughout.

Katharine and Mike got married at a the beautiful outdoor wedding at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden.  All the wedding details attributed to the garden theme.  And the garden overlooking the lake as the sun set reminded me of my home, the pacific northwest.  Love-love.  Katharine wore a simply chic J. Crew dress and the groomsmen wore Converse All Stars, as a small gathering of family of friends celebrated their union, and Katharine’s uncle presided over the ceremony.

The bouquet smelled so woodsy, in a beautiful way! Warning, a lot of cute children coming up in this wedding. Not only were they adorable, they are doing this smack in front, during the ceremony! Love the idea! The wedding  didn’t forget their Italian and Jewish heritages~


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Meet Natalie and Nelson! | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

Natalie and Nelson met through friends where Nelson first thought Natalie was taken, because she was with her brother, Nathan~

I wonder how many times that has happened others?  I know I’ve mistaken couples as siblings before because they seem to look alike and have similar names.  I’ve gotten out of a car with my brother and have had people wonder who he was.  But Natalie and Nelson, safely said, despite that N-Squared names, are definitely a couple, and a fun couple to watch!  Between the engagement shots, there were many times I couldn’t stop laughing because of their fun playful gestures and facial expressions.  Natalie is one bride-to-be who’s not afraid to have fun!

Natalie and Nelson are getting married this SATURDAY!  And it’s going to be one of the biggest weddings EVER in real life!

and then, some of the in between shots~  =)


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Megan (Boettcher) Boothby - Great pictures – both the very romantic serious ones and the truly joyful goofier ones! I’m so happy for you, Nattypants, and wish you both a lifetime of happiness! Also, that’s a very pretty hairdo on you.

Love and hugs from far, far away!

Nora - Such genuine pictures! Congrats to the beautiful bride and groom!

Jason and Yvonne Family Portrait | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

Jason and Yvonne has a baby-toddler, W, who was around 18 months at the time this session took place.   What happens when we schedule an outdoor summer session around the a baby’s nap schedule, was a really really bright sunny middle of the day without a hint of cloud in the sky.  But the hot sunny day didn’t stop little-W from exploring the beautiful deCordova Sculptural park.  I had never seen a little guy who was so good at running!  The picture below happened a lot~  Little-W also loved cars, so every time we could hear one, Daddy Jason was chasing little-W to keep him away from cars.

As Little-W ran, every little while, he would fall on all fours, look back to see who’s still coming after him, and flash this charming smile over the shoulder, and then get up to run again.  He was such an energizer bunny.

And these beautiful eyes!

Making sure I’m still following him.

Irresistible smile

When we first met up to discuss the portrait session, I was pleasantly surprised that Little-W has a little brother on the way~

So I sneaked in a few maternity shots!
Stealing a private moment~


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Altvil Sailing Outing | Jules Ko Photography | Newport

Sailing, Newport, Racing, The America’s Cup class twelve metre, all new terriorty and terminology to me, but when a friend referred me to shoot their company’s sail outing, I was excited to try something new!  But after I committed to cover the event, I was feeling very nauseous with this summer’s medical emergency, but thankfully, by the time this date arrived, I was feeling much steadier.

I drove down to Newport, with a new 300mm f/4L IS lens, along with my other trusted gears, to an open sea marina on a gorgeous day.  Altman Vilandrie & Co, a consulting firm based in Boston, had chartered with Seascope Yacht Charters to have their employees race four 12 meter sail boats, all with a pedigree history dating back to the mid 30’s.  I, along with some family members who wanted to watch the race, got on a large power boat, named Pam (1921), and captured the action in a stunning view.  Of course as the president of Seascope, Elizabeth was announcing the actions of the race, there were a lot of terminology that was foreign to me, but I didn’t need words to see the beauty in these vessels.

Why is sailing so patriotic and so American?  =)

team members doing some of the heavy lifting

still blackberry in hand~ Northern Light won the race!  Look at that reflection of the water on boat!indeed… Life is good


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sooj - great photos jules. love the one w/ dan and his crackberry. too bad the boat didnt tip and the crackberry didn’t fall off the boat…. sigh~

jules - too funny Sooj, too funny… wish you were there!

Katherine - Love the “under the bridge” pic!

Something new Part 1: Boudoir | Jules Ko Photography | Boston

The post below is password protected.  It is meant for many readers of this blog, so the password is super easy: boudoir

But I also respect the gentlemen readers’ eyes, that the post below isn’t meant for you.

Excerpt from post ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Within the photography business, Dan and I ponder hypothetical questions every once in a while.  If “this” comes up, would we do it?

A little while back, I wondered if I would say ‘yes’ to Boudoir photography.  Recently, Boudoir photography has become very popular for women celebrating and embracing their self image in an intimate setting. Often meant as a gift album to their husbands, or wedding gifts to their fiance’s.  Of course, these aren’t meant to be objectifying women, or even artistic nudes.  Studios such as Boudoir Divas, only photograph boudoirs with an all women staff, and offering make-up and hair stylists partners, all the way to intimate sets.  As someone who gets caught off guard when I see cleavage in everyday attire, I had to think long about it.  At first, I had to think, do I agree with the concept of boudoir? 2nd, can I work the camera in this context?  3rd, can I work on these images without Dan’s eyes ever seeing them?  =)

Sure enough, earlier in the summer, I was approached if I would shoot a boudoir session.  I figured, I am up to try new styles.  By the time the date came, it was 2 engaged ladies, a contemporary hotel room, and a lot of feminine garments, pearls, along with their men’s favorite sports jerseys.

Although boudoir looks like a completely different animal, at the base of it all, the essence of how I work held true in boudoir photography as well.  My photography philosophy to capture and preserve a person’s beauty, and make them feel comfortable in front of the lens to be themselves, held true to boudoir.  This wasn’t about candids and story telling, but like a portrait, to capture this moment to be cherished for years to come.

In college, during one of my painting classes, my professor popped live nude models in front of us without ever saying a word beyond the fact that we are going to work on human figures.  As an 18 year old, I saw a human form in it’s entirety in many ages, shapes and forms in the manner of weeks.  I’m certain I was the most sheltered person in that room, but after the worldly eye turned off, and the artistic eye turned on, I realized that the human body is very beautiful indeed.  And in all frankness the model in front of me at the time was someone who would not standout in a crowd if she had everyday clothes on.  I remember thinking to my self, no matter what age, or shape I am, I hope my future husband can see the beauty I see now.  =)

To protect the privacy of the clients, and their loved ones, I can only show a small sample here, and many, I cropped even further to keep their identity discreet.  And I’d also recommend some readers to not ready/view further, since this isn’t meant for all. :)


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grace l - thanks for sharing this and writing about this, jules. i’ve read about boudoir photography for a couple years but never understood it or appreciated until your post. great work! i’m super impressed with the range of photos you can always capture so beautifully.